Looking to advance in your career? Consider Leadership Training for Managers in Maryland

January 18, 2011

In business, we’re expected to do more, better, faster – and with fewer resources. It’s something companies across the country are facing. To achieve results like that, it takes a strong leader.

That’s where Brescook, 2331 York Road Suite 202 in Timonium Maryland, and its Dale Carnegie Training curriculum can help. Professionals looking to advance their own careers and deal with the demands of today’s ever-changing business world may want to take advantage of an up-coming course in the Baltimore area called Leadership Training for Managers.

The course – beginning later this month –  focuses on the following leadership and management skills:

  • Create a vision – a common ground
  • Develop strategies that make things happen
  • Take intelligent risks
  • Influence people to follow you
  • Gain cooperation at every level
  • Lead a winning team, department or organization
  • Empower others to deliver results
  • Recognize individual and team success
  • Define performance standard and hold people accountable
  • Master the 8-step planning process
  • Align performance goals with strategy

Leadership Training for Managers places a timely emphasis on what Dale Carnegie curriculum calls “The Tyranny of the Urgent,” which harkens back to strategies, prior to the recession, when businesses were cutting costs and laying off employees rather than focusing on growth. Today, businesses are experiencing an urgent need to foster strong leadership in order to grow. Rather than a major restructuring, companies are seeking efficient ways to engage employees and do more business.

Dale Carnegie Training offers a very hands-on method of training to create strong leaders. There are no books to read or lectures to hear. Instead those enrolled in the 7-week sessions apply new skills in their own work environment, and discuss what works. Instructors work as coaches.

The courses are kept small, around 20 people, which provides intense, personalized training and development for upper level professionals. Courses at Brescook are ISO-certified, which means they are nationally recognized for a quality standard. They are also college accredited, which gives employers who assist with tuition costs an affordable option.

The class begins Jan. 25 and runs from 4-7:30 p.m. Tuesdays for seven weeks. Register here.

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