Wish you were more confident, more assertive? Dale Carnegie can help

February 1, 2011

Learn how to be a strong, fair-minded leader with Dale Carnegie Training.

It’s time that you started feeling confident, assertive and in charge — to become the leader you want to be. Dale Carnegie Training of D.C. and Northern Virginia can help.

The course is set for 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Feb. 9 and 10 and will be held at the Concourse Training Center, 1593 Spring Hill Road, Ste. 120, Tysons Corner/Vienna, Virginia. Called “Confident, Assertive, In Charge: Developing the Attitudes of Leadership,” this two-day seminar will help participants tap into their power, unleash inner attitudes of confidence and enthusiasm, and help them build visibility in the organization.

Participants will begin to see themselves as others see them. Expert coaches will help them build on their strengths and eliminate weaknesses, in turn helping them develop the winning attitudes that all successful leaders have. Attendees will learn to say “no” when they need to and eliminate confusion over who’s in charge.

Those who sign up for the course will also learn how to:

  • Be assertive without appearing aggressive
  • Meet new people easily
  • Speak up, make your point and win support
  • Persuade others to your point of view
  • Deal effectively with difficult people
  • Let your attitude shine through
  • Build your image as a strong, fair-minded leader

Sound good to you? Please feel free to visit the registration page for more information and to sign up.

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