DC-area startups look to mobile tech

March 8, 2011

smartphoneYou can’t deny the smart phone phenomenon. It seems like we hardly ever actually talk on our phones anymore; they’re more like command centers for texting, web surfing, Twittering, and playing games.

And, of course, when you have new technology, you have people trying to make money off that — and not always for the bad, either. Improve our smart phones with applications that make life easier? Yes, please!

WashingtonPost.com talked to five start-ups focusing on mobile technology:

Tixelated, an app still in its infancy, seeks to change the way people buy tickets, invite friends to events and keep track of them once there. Put simply: “We want to make the phone the ticket,” (Jason Bond) Pratt said.

BeCouply, (which) blends the traditions of courtship with mobile technology. The smartphone app and its companion Web site, which are still being privately tested, allow couples to capture memories with photos, orchestrate double dates with friends or corral outing ideas from others in the same area. The app lets it all happen in the moment.

iSpeedShop … (for which) shoppers use the application to build a list of items they intend to buy during their next grocery run. The app then uploads any coupons that the store or a particular brand has to offer. For example, add jelly to the list and you might find a $1 discount on Welch’s.

Visit the story to read about the other two ventures.

What do you think? Is it smart for entrepreneurs to get in on the ground floor for mobile apps? Or, is there something bigger and better that’s still yet to come?

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