Gain Experience and Business with Charity Work

July 7, 2011

After some slow years, probably the last thing you are considering is working for free. But whether you are newly in business or a veteran in your field, donating products or services to charity can give you a boost.

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Charity work doesn’t need to be altruistic, those in need will accept the help even if you get some gain. There is a widely accepted concept that big corporations benefit from paying for their logo to appear in places that improves their image.

To get the most out of your charitable giving, the first thing is to choose a cause that is personal to you. Find an organization that works for something you care about, it’s okay to improve your public image through charitable giving, but only if you are giving to something you genuinely care about.

When you seek out a genuine cause, you are likely to meet like-minded people. Those contacts are important for your business growth. Meeting people that share a common passion or cause will open doors for a deeper and longer lasting business relationship. These relationships will also be more personally rewarding and easier to maintain.

Another benefit of charitable giving is the opportunity to gain experience. For example, if you are a new accountant, you can offer your services to a local charity free of charge. This can give you the experience of working with non-profit organizations or even a large organization (just because it’s non-profit doesn’t mean it isn’t a big organization). You may have the opportunity to gain experience that you otherwise wouldn’t get. If you are trying to branch out into a new sector as a service provider, offering free services to organization is a great way to gain that experience.

Non-profit organizations and charities are a great opportunity for professionals to gain additional work experience and for essential networking. By offering free services for an auction, not only do you have the opportunity for a new client, but everyone at the auction sees your name and associates it with a cause important to them.

The most fruitful business relationships are those built from a genuine connection. If you are looking for a new way to expand your business, consider partnering with a local charity that is near and dear to your heart. You won’t regret it!

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