Tips For Effective Customer Service

October 24, 2011

Effective customer service is more important now than ever before. Consumers are choosing more carefully—and more wisely—the services and the goods on which they spend their money. There are many mistakes that salespeople unknowingly may make that will send a prospective customer or client out the door for good. The good news is that these mistakes are easily correctable. Here are some simple behavioral tips from your friends at Dale Carnegie Training of Maryland and the DC Metro Area:

The meet and greet, or the first impression, is extremely important. This is the beginning of the transaction or the business relationship, and it is essential to avoid a bad first impression. One way to accomplish this is to simply not ignore the person who just walked through your door, or who is waiting on hold on your phone. If it is necessary for them to wait for a few moments, just let them know that you’ll be with them momentarily.

Every business will be busy from time to time, and hopefully more often than not. If you’re busy with a current customer and other customers are waiting, establishing eye contact or simply saying a few words to them in greeting will let them know that you’re aware of their presence. During these busy times it is easy to become distracted either by tasks or other clients. These messages conveyed through eye contact, a nod of your head, and verbal ‘hellos’ will ensure that the new customers know you have seen then and that you are aware of their needs.

Many corporations now require employees to repeat the same phrases. One is repeatedly asked in coffee shops… whether you would like a pastry along with your latte, or in the checkout line at department stores when they ask if you would like to open a credit card account. These scripts, when delivered in a rote manner, are heard in that manner. When delivering greetings and messages that are required by management, or those that are repeated day after day, it is important to keep them as fresh as possible.

Just a few alterations in customer service and the methods in which they’re carried out will make a big difference in the success of any company.

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