Is Your Career Due For a Tune-Up?

November 1, 2011

You’re in a good job and things are going along great. Congratulations! But what if life suddenly took an unexpected turn on you? What if that good job was lost to budgetary cuts, personality clashes, or a number of other reasons? Are you ready to hit the job-search trail?

Nobody wants to think about losing a good job, but it happens, and getting a career tune-up will keep you sharp, focused, and allow your career to run more smoothly, effectively and competitively.

Consider tuning-up the following assets in your career inventory not only in the event of having to search for a new job, but also for keeping your career and current position competitive and humming.

Your Value to Others
Identify those who you presently support at work. Presumably, these are the folks who would be happy to say good things about you. Get their contact information or ask them for a written personal reference to put in your file. The reference letter is a documented snapshot of your success as you progress and will serve you well as you move into different job places throughout your career.

Regularly Update Your Resume and Profile
Don’t wait too long to update your skills and accomplishments. Waiting until you need your resume or career profile to work on it will delay your distribution for finding new opportunities. Updates on resumes and career profiles should happen at least every six months.

Your Value in the Current Marketplace
How does your resume compare competitively to others? What new skills are in demand? Now is the time to freshen up your “toolbox” and learn a new skill. Take a class from Dale Carnegie Training of Maryland and the DC Metro Area, or ask for a new project assignment. Interview known experts in areas of your interest and ask them to project what might be the next “hot” need in their discipline. This value research also develops your level of knowledge regarding your personal compensation levels and potentials.

Determine What’s Coming Down the Road
The workplace has drastically changed over the last 10 years, and it would behoove you to know what other changes are coming. Keep current with workplace trends for your career health. One of the easiest ways to predict changes and shifts that will affect your career is to join associations. Associations often will publish information specific to the industry and position career needs are they relate to new workplace initiatives. These affiliations will also give you an instant network for getting information on new job opportunities as they arise.

Get started on your career tune-up now by taking a look at the various business and personal development courses offered by Dale Carnegie Training of Maryland and the DC Metro Area. Make it a habit to learn a new skill or update current ones at least every six months and you’ll keep your career humming!

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