Six Ways to Warm the Sales Cold Call

November 28, 2011

Sales through both the phone and e-mail have the lowest success rate among all the strategies you can apply to produce results. Regardless, cold calls are necessary and integral to collective success. Often, if you can get to the decision maker at all, the call is unexpected. You have no relationship built, and you are among many salespeople that call.

Time is so valuable for everyone. Especially at this time of year when there are so many things going on in the organization. Not only are they entering the last month of the year, it is indeed the close of the quarter. To get the attention of the leaders and managers who want to know and understand your products and services, there are a few strategies.  Try these for both phone calls and e-mail queries.

  • Get a referral: If you can mention the name of an “insider” first who recommended you contact the business, then that is the best way to gain entry to the people who can steer you to the sales opportunity. It is okay to throw a real name into the initial word track. (Yes; you need to have a script nearby.)
  • Do your homework on the contact business: Knowing the “who, what, when, where, how and why” of the organization is invaluable and critical initial contact information.
  • Vet the person you are calling or e-mailing:  Start with the name. Greeting “Bob” when he likes to be called Robert is a killer. So is mispronouncing the last name or (and it happens) company name.
  • Make sure your products and services are the right fit for the needs and wants of the business:  You must know the answer to that question before you even make a call.
  • Do not be “pushy”: Watch the voice and the words that you use. Being friendly and upbeat will always work the best.
  • Finally, put a date and time limit in the call script or the e-mail when you do not receive a response. For example, “looking forward to our conversation Bob; I will call you again by Thursday at 3. Thank you so much.”

Cold calling in sales is necessary. Just remember it does not have to be a necessary evil. You can increase your odds by simply being yourself.  You can indeed win friends and influence people.

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