Classic Management Meets Modern Leadership

February 17, 2012

Old school management has been around for a long time, probably over 120 years, and it is classically defined with terms such as organizing, leading and controlling. Resources include information and human among others, and the entire purpose on managing is to complete objectives and goals in an efficient, effective and timely manner. There is a certain surgical almost non-personal perspective when discussing management as a discipline. But the old school is slowing dissolving and evolving

Around 1980, after a series of minor recessions, many businesses across Maryland, Washington D.C., and America, started tapping their employees for ideas and strategies to make organizations stronger and more resilient to withstand economic downturns. A management shift to teams became more and more common place.

What also possibly played a major role in changing the dynamics of management was the first of many Dale Carnegie texts, How to Win Friends and Influence People. Through his insights, managers started seeing the personal and often private side of employee motivations and that really helped to make more managers good and positive leaders.

If Mr. Carnegie could define the 2012 manager/ leader in today’s terminology, it might look something like this, “Today, management can be considered the process or the function of leading and facilitating an organizational direction that benefits everyone equally regardless of role and responsibility.

Of course, today Mr. Carnegie might have shortened that longwinded definition into something like empowerment or team-focused strategy, but the bottom-line is that management and leadership today depend more and more on the collective talent and energy of everyone; and for all of us that is a great thing regardless of economics or world crisis. Everyone is in it together and everyone benefits.


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