Is NO the New YES?

March 7, 2012

No one likes to hear the word no; especially when it is directed at them. It is one of the first words we learn as a child. It is also the most used word in the vocabulary of a parent. Across Maryland, Northern Virginia, and D.C., the word “no” for a sales professional usually means the end of a flawed deal.

But the main reason salespeople hear the word no is very simple. They have not given the customer enough reasons to say yes. When objections come out, they need to be addressed. Here are some typical objections you will hear when selling a product.

  • I just have 10 minutes.
  • I have to pick up the kids.
  • It is way too much money.
  • I am just looking.
  • I just started shopping.     

Salespeople really want objections because that truly means the customer is indeed interested. Although there are no absolutes in selling, relationship is everything. By using statements like, “I completely understand; fair enough and not a problem”, you are using statements that help reduce the initial stress that happens every time someone buys something.

Being in sales is not the easiest profession, but it indeed is wonderfully rewarding. But even Mr. Carnegie decided he would rather teach than sell early in his renowned career. It is just not for everybody. It is interesting to note however that Dale Carnegie, over time, became one of the best salespeople in modern history by giving leaders and managers what they need and want.

When the client says no, slow things down a little and ask questions. Recap the deal with interaction and then move forward. Customers always come into a place of business for a reason. They have planned to be there. The simple strategies of listening, building relationships, and understanding customer purpose have worked for years. Stick with making the customer the most important ingredient in a sale, and watch your closing ratio grow. You can get a yes from a no. Happy selling!

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