Six Ways to Stand Out with Your Customers

April 9, 2012

Across the United States, organizations know that their customers have become both increasingly savvy and price conscious. The public knows how much something should cost, and everyone and anyone are now clipping coupons and assessing the Web for discounts and deals. If the 2012 customer will haggle in the big box stores and even in restaurants, how does a profit-based organization make money? The
strategy is a simple one. Take care of the people who go on your website or open your front door.

The emphasis we now place on the knowledgeable customer must also be aligned with the fact that the customer is also the solution to business success. Not only does everyone love a deal, this economy makes it a certainty. In Dale Carnegie Customer Service Training, it boils down to three main ingredients for success: being friendly with little or no sales pressure, and high customer service levels.

Since discounting is now a permanent aspect of any sale, product and service, the playing field is level for every business regardless of location. Here is some Carnegie-style methodology for customer pricing and service strategy:

  • Make sure every employee is a product and service expert.
  • Train every employee for problem solving and quick response to issues.
  • Make it easy to purchase everything.
  • Offer the widest array of pricing and choices.
  • Show a genuine interest and respect for customers, regardless of their attitudes.
  • Survey client base for feedback that helps to clearly understand both motivation and expectations.

The core Carnegie principles of open communication, excellent interpersonal skills, and adaptability to every situation will allow your organization to be a step faster and a major trend setter with even the most frugal and sophisticated client. The Internet, apps, and extreme couponing aside, taking care of the customer and giving a great experience are still timeless methods to build a loyal clientele. Loyalty drives both profit and growth. Giving your customers a Carnegie like experience just makes sense.

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