Money Loves Speed

June 13, 2012

Dr. Joe Vitale, author of numerous books including Buying Trances: A New Psychology of Sales and Marketing, was a keynote speaker at a seminar I attended a few years ago in Delray Beach, FL. During his talk, Joe told an interesting story that reinforces a principle he has longed believed in—Money Loves Speed.

Essentially, it means that when intuition hits you for a money making business idea, your job is to act swiftly upon it. Giving an example, Joe talked about a time when he was looking to increase traffic to a new website. He came up with the crazy idea of selling Elvis mermaid Dolls on eBay. He had never heard of an “Elvis Mermaid Doll,” nor could he picture what one might look like, but he knew that every month millions of people go online and do a search for the word “Elvis.”

Something told Joe it was a very good idea so he didn’t waste any time. Using a popular graphic arts program, within 24 hours he had created an image of an Elvis mermaid and posted it on his website.

Within seconds, he had hundreds of people visiting his site. He admitted if he had stopped to think about it, he probably would have realized that there were trademark problems with using Elvis’s name and image, as there would be for using any celebrity’s name for commercials purposes. If he had moved slowly, he would have found out, but luckily for him he didn’t delay and the idea turned out to be a huge traffic builder for him.

I’m pretty sure that Joe never actually manufactured an Elvis Mermaid Doll, and I would venture to guess that the image didn’t stay up on the site for long either. But Joe’s quick and decisive action brought about the desired results, which was an increase of traffic to his website.

Remember—Money Loves Speed. When an idea suddenly hits you, it’s the Universe’s way of answering your wants, needs, and desires. Trust in it and act upon it quickly. It may just be the tipping-point you’ve been searching for.

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