5 Ingredients to Engage and Build Loyalty with New Employees

August 15, 2014

IMUSM 8-14 4Leadership here in our area has the continuous challenge to grow and improve the products and services for each company they manage. Successful local companies know the differentiator for achievement is only found through people and the talents each provides. With that in mind, it is essential to keep good employees loyal as they as they grow and improve along with the organization’s goals and objectives. It is all about strong culture and employee engagement.

Dale Carnegie Training presents five ingredients to engage and build loyalty with every new employee:

  • Hire the best people possible: In new hire interviews, present the positional responsibilities, the work week, and any expectations that must be met from the first day on. Discuss the company’s culture, its mission and its core values. Setting the tone for discussion and interaction will minimize hiring issues and help single out good people.
  • Training and development: It is critical that every new employee brings value from the very first day. Placing new hires in informational training sessions will help make the transition to effective productivity a little easier as the assimilation to good and effective employees begins on the very first day. Communication is critical for loyalty.
  • Mentoring and feedback: Clearly understanding what to do is the first priority for management as careers grow.  A defined list of objectives based on the wants and needs of the position takes the unknown away. Communicating the responsibilities will improve relationships and create a sense of engagement and involvement.
  • Applause: Reward the early efforts of new hires in simple and positive ways. Calling attention to early results gives the individual the chance to be grown with common purpose.
  • Placing new hires in the right positions: Place new employees where they fit, not necessarily where a hole to be filled is; move people around to find the right niche is good management.

Employee engagement is integral for opportunity, loyalty, and long careers. Recognizing effort and involvement in every team member is important for success. Thank new employees for a job well done if it is deserved. Engagement and mutual respect always win friends and influence people in every aspect of the business. Dale Carnegie Training Principles are timeless and valuable in today’s work environment. Open communication and engaging employees for change can only make our organizations grow into strong companies.

Working together and hiring the right candidates places the formula for success in the right directions!


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