Six Core Ingredients for Success in Sales

August 21, 2014

IMU Social Media ownedBeing a solo professional across the Mid-Atlantic means being at your best every single day; no matter the industry, from being in real estate to the car business, the key ingredient for prosperity is to be motivated and ready to go every single day of the week. Being the best in service and in work relationships is not complicated and it is certainly is not a brand new strategy for success. However, it is as unique as the individual. Success is always driven from within. In the sales environment it means being physically and mentally ready each and every day. Being on your “A-Game” means being sharp and focused on service.

Dale Carnegie Training offers six core ingredients that will help maximize opportunity, especially in sales or as a solo professional:

  • Come to work to work; mingle at work only for the benefit of the sale and the customer.
  • Have a definable plan each day. Adjustable goals and objectives are essential.
  • Know product and services better than anyone else including the customer. Know what is available and what is coming in the future.
  • Always be there for the client to lead, support, help and serve. The customer notices both support and leadership.
  • Actively listen with a clear focus. Be involved and understand the client’s wants and needs.
  • Always have a POSITIVE attitude. It helps with winning friends and influencing people.

People buy from professional, energetic, and knowledgeable individuals who want to serve their clients. It is a simple Carnegie-focused game plan.

Remember, people buy from people like themselves.

It is the responsibility of everyone in sales and in service to bring processes to the table that creates clear and definable results. Everything must be definable, measurable, trainable, and most importantly do-able. Relationship success, especially in sales, is a primary driver of growth and opportunity. Remember, all things must be equal and balanced for both the professional and the client to move forward together.

Opportunity and results happen when the focus is on success.


This post is brought to you by the good folks at Dale Carnegie Training of Maryland and the DC Metro Area, providers of professional development and management development courses and information in Maryland and the DC Metro AreaWe’d love to connect with you on Facebook and LinkedIn.

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